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Helping you buy with confidence or walk away in relief.

Moore Inspect

Reliable Home Inspection Services

Are you thinking of buying a new home?

There are always issues with every home. Get it professionally inspected.  We can help you identify the big issues and sooth your fears about the small issues.

We can't keep you from becoming your parents once you buy, but we can give you the confidence to make the purchase or give you the information to walk away.  

Inspectors are like family doctors we look at the overall picture of your houses health. If there are certain concerns we will recommend a specialist for further evaluation.

Better yet, its like we are inspecting your future spouse for things you cant see yet. We give you the information to make the decision. For instance can you live with snoring pipes, or a toilet seat that won't stay down? We give you the information and you decide.

Our Specialists

Our home inspectors are fully Insured and licensed. Each Inspector has gone through over 350 hours of rigorous training, and inspected hundreds of homes. They have passed State and National tests for certification. We are continually studying to improve our craft. 

We've just completed certification in infrared imagery.  This enables us to see issues not readily visible. All of this is done to provide you with the best service we can give. Unlike this guys flashlight in a fully lit room.  Infrared lets us see temperature changes indicating moisture of heat loss.

We currently have next day and sometimes same day service. Full color reports are delivered electronically within 24 hours.

Moore Inspect
Moore Inspect

Unbiased Service

We are dedicated to offering you unbiased information on all aspects of your new home. From the roof to the foundation, our experts will address all critical issues.

Safety and Function are our biggest concerns  We don't work for your realtor or the seller, we work for You.  So our service will be accurate and unbiased. 

We will educate you to make sure you know to make informed decisions for your family.


I've been at over 10 inspections in the last year and Larrys report was the easiest and best presented I've seen...

- Jay Spann, 7 knights Investments LLC

Mr. Moore was very responsive and had availability to schedule the inspection. His report was detailed, organized and easy to follow. He offers a variety of inspections and has excellent pricing. I would highly recommend Moore Family Inspections LLC.

- Brandi Huddleston,  The Agency Realty.

As a retired real estate inspector, I often refer my former clients to Moore Family Inspections. Larry thoroughly inspects all aspects of the property and delivers a well written report. I highly recommend using Moore Family Inspections!!

- Kenny, Kenny Moore Inspections